Origins - Testament of the One.

The Tale

“Have you ever wondered why... out of the countless forms of life that we believe the universe offers, both kind, and unkind, why humanity finds itself utterly alone?”

“Odd... how the beginning of a thing is never clearer than at the end of it. Earth is dying.”

“Origins - Testament of the One,” is a milepost in an epic tale; an anecdotal point where science fiction, fantasy, horror, and spirituality unceasingly coil around each other into a Gordian knot.

Testament of One, is a redemptive saga that encompasses humanity’s flicker of evolution into eternity’s light. In this tale humankind are inheritors of a universal crime it did not commit, a crime that cannot be easily forgotten or forgiven.

“Origins -Testament of the One,” speaks to life’s beginnings while in the grips of its conceivable end. And there is only one way out...”

The series of books probes the best and the worst of; the Immortals Extinct, Man, the MA Kind, and the Machines, all of which are important derivatives.


The Novelist

Aaron Colbert is the eleventh child in a family of 12 children. Mr. Colbert has a physics degree from Kutztown University, and prides himself a former Dungeon Master. From early on, Mr. Colbert carried an inexhaustible spiritual center and an intense wonderment of all the “natures,” which is evident in his work. Mr. Colbert, is a deep thinker, and has always loved the art of writing, or as he would say, “Word Weaving,” he, as his works, are simplistically complex; and filled to bursting with relevancy.