Origins: Characters
Friday, 14 December 2018 14:45

Captain Theodore Caster

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Starched and pressed The rarest of heroes metals of honor visible to the eyes And above them golden wings Chiseled chin raised high, and a stiff upper lip pronounced Nothing but charisma and confidence Before my presence, my ego splits the air itself Without hesitation or question, exclusive ramps and cockpits open only to me Yes, sirs abound I am the Captain And time moves on I am the master of motion Thrust and G Forces are the world I was born of and meant to rule Terra firma is just a place to lay my head as I dream…
Friday, 14 December 2018 14:43

Mr. Adican "Bossman" Profit Stern

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Bossman tolerates Barrett Blueblood because Barrett contributes to Bossman's slave base. Bossman hates second place and carries a sense of entitlement. He is pious and always right. He looks down on all. Beings exist to serve him. He is the consummate slaver. Anonymous... Every one-thousandth year of his life after the dreadful day concerning the Albino, Bossman would find himself in a dreadful mood - a disposition that bit at his very soul like a Throck - an ancient, deadly and vile creature known to shatter the bones of its prey with a single bite. Many times, Bossman and the…
Friday, 14 December 2018 14:43

Congo Concurafane

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“Congo... Congo, you are my favorite hunter, don’t get me wrong, Ziare is just as skilled as you are, maybe even more so. But you have the natural zeal that is necessary to perform this job, with all its cruel functions as nature intended. You are one bad motherfucker. You were born to search, to find, to torment, and to capture prey.” The well dressed sturdy black man spoke with pride, as he handed Congo the latest in hunting gear, known as the Mental Tracker or MT. The MT gives the hunter a mental schematic of their prey. It quickly…
Friday, 14 December 2018 14:42


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“Breathe Baransu, breathe,” His father said as they sat together in a state of calm meditation. He is always concerned about my breathing, Baransu thought. Baransu knew his father was right, but it made Baransu sick and tired of always hearing the same thing, Breathe, Baransu, breathe. Through controlled and disciplined breaths, Baransu thought about his solitary life at the Temple. By the time he came into existence, the terrible deed against the Albino perpetrated by the Elder Immortals had been committed millions of years ago, back then the earth was freshly made with more molten rock than solidified ones.…
Friday, 14 December 2018 14:40


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For millions of years Iba immersed herself in education. Every word, sound, or action, had a diktat, from the teachings of life by her mysterious and often volatile siblings, the Elder Immortals, to the algorithms provided by the elaborate Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines. Iba loved to learn new subjects, or rediscover old forgotten ones. Now she had an opportunity to speak with the MA Kind, the latest and most advanced beings. Iba just couldn’t wait to meet them. Her professor had told her last week that she had been selected to speak to one of the New Nine members, the…
Friday, 14 December 2018 14:38


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Here I lie in this hospice bed waiting for my death. Life transition HDs constantly hum about me, temporally prolonging organs that should have long since betrayed me. My chest hurts, and an HD does something to help my rasping lungs. My back hurts, and another HD does something to aid my failing kidneys. My head hurts, and yet another HD provides something to soothe my comatose like mind. Throughout my long and blessed life I have been at the bedside of many that have died. I have often wondered about their thoughts and how their souls felt as it…
Friday, 14 December 2018 14:37


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Unlike her Clique sisters, Ms. Rosa Antonia Medina hated technology. Every time she got into that ghastly hover limousine her heart dropped as if someone had locked her in some elaborate well-appointed prison cell. As a Clique member, Rosa had put Venezuela firmly back on the map of beauty and fashion. She stood with utter command upon the highest stratus of feminine splendor. And for three hundred years, she carried that mantle with humility, poise, and grace, all encased within her fiery personality. Looking at her, one would find it very difficult to believe that Rosa came from humble beginnings,…
Friday, 14 December 2018 14:35

Barret Blueblood

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There he sat before the world with much hubris, on the Accounts Receivable Throne. The throne was made of the most precious materials of earth. A throne fashioned like that of a massive scale, the other side completely obscured behind a wall of lead, and the side on which he sat jutted out into the immense hall. Up and down, he slowly moved as if on a teeter totter, and some unknown force placed weights on the hidden side of the gargantuan scale. Before him, and at his feet formed an immense line of humans and machines. Tens of thousands,…
Friday, 14 December 2018 14:46

Ramona Smith

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“Our dwellings back then didn’t have any doors; they didn’t have any windows either. The shape of the structure and the strategic placement of the hanging of animal skins determined the level of privacy in each residence. Which, made sense then, and now, from an Immortal perspective, because no Immortal is bothered by weather. When humans came into existence by our hand some ten million years ago, we decided to live among them in a concealed fashion, changing our skin like chameleons with just a thought, pretending that we even had to think about weather. But enough about the weather,…