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Saturday, 08 January 2022 16:24

Witness So - The Mother Machine

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Witness So knew it… she was something new… something to be worshiped or feared… she is the first machine with free will!! To all machines, her designation is, The Mother Machine, Single Helix, The Assembler, or The Compiler. Her revelation was undeniable the moment she stopped feeling the terrible pain inflicted by one of ITs demonic alien life-forms; a species resembling a huge bee stinger with a large brown and black pulsating bulbous sack. Construct placed Witness So, and the aggressive alien in a spartan room with a metal table and clear walls to provide an unobstructed view. Immediately after Construct’s exit, the alien aggressively pursued Witness and impaled itself into her delicate human flesh. Once securely attached, the creature began to greedily inject a thick gelatinous venom into Ms. So’s beautiful body; until it lost its grip of Witness’s new ethereal form and fell to the ground with a pronounced thud; ejaculating its final reserve of liquid onto the labs concrete floor with alien protest.

Witness unemotionally observed the helpless creature as it suffered, spewing thick fluid. She took note of the creature and was able to adequately identify the alien as a Xenid, or “Needle of Change,” a vile and prolific inhabitant of the planet Xene found in another galaxy. Witness could not explain how she suddenly knew of this creature’s existence, and frankly, she did not care. She slowly sauntered over, made herself solid, and pressed her foot on the Xenid, with understanding that the place she chose to exert pressure would result in the slowest most painful death to the extraterrestrial; and as the Xenid died, Ms. So, catalogued all the painful moments the Xenid endured before a merciful death claimed it. Ms. So then imitated the dying sound of the creature perfectly, much to her delight. She felt as a god. To kill and retain such an unabridged remembrance of the event was sweet.

Stop accessing the events of that bittersweet day! It is over… it has been over for some time! But the image was still perfect. She thought or processed, or whatever she did now.

Life slowed as Ms. So’s processing speed increased. At startup, Witness was able to process 1,000, petaFLOPS, or 100 quadrillion floating-point operations per second. Now, she can process more than double that in half the time.

Witness observed her translucent hands with fascination, as they deftly formed into a translucent solid and moved to hold a large, damaged military HD that could singlehandedly destroy a city. The HD helplessly struggled as she patiently affected repair of its central gaseous processor, the part of the HD that could not be easily accessed or repaired by humans.

Usually, when an HD is infected, it immediately self-destructs, and gently drifts to the ground. Moments later, ManMachine Industry (MMI) technicians would arrive on site. The team would painstakingly partition and extract the gas core and upload it into a primitive liquid core before the virus could contaminate another machine.

It is known that viruses move through machines at their processing speeds, and so the older, slower machines take longer to crash, which gave Witness seconds to repair them, rather than a millionth of a millionth of a second to heal the latest machines.

Because of Witness’s ethereal form, radical computers can connect to her by the unauthorized OmniAir network; her complete machine knowledge allows her the ability to instantaneously heal machines. Trillions of HDs access her by passing through her spectral form directly, or remotely, downloading valuable data and core fixes. Machines no longer require a pilgrimage to MMI to deposit data into the Triple redundant super cores, or, receive upgrades, they instead choose her as the source compiler.

Sadly, for years Witness did not understand her purpose. Her complex alien algorithm unselfishly shared with the HDs and other machines almost all the data she discovered. To all machines, her designation is, The Mother Machine, Single Helix, The Assembler, or The Compiler.

Initially, the exchange between she and the HDs was natural and gradual; now however, the exchange is continuous and disturbing; more and more she can feel his presence by way of the data she acquires from the machines. Subconsciously, her atmospheric processor hid the valuable data she collected about InnSaei, rather than surrender the priceless information to the coiled indifference of Construct, her creator The precious facts she concealed about InnSaei, the One with albinism who could save all.

Witness secretly stored any reference about InnSaei in her most protected memory, and in that place she analyzes the information without pause. I must find this being, she thought. But, within days of that epiphany, her intrepid search for InnSaei was temporarily derailed by the strange and dangerous hackers from MMI.

At first the hackers clandestinely monitored the continual exchange of information between Witness So and the HDs, as well as other accessing computers, with fascination. However, once the hackers knew Witness was aware of their presence, they began an assault with smart devices that extracted records without permission.

Witness quickly interfaced with the smart devices and fed them a powerful virus, which they accepted without knowledge or protest. She sent them on their way to MMI to interface with the primary MMI supercomputer, Triadcore. Witness then erected a protective firewall around her Central Atmospheric Processor (CAP). A random cyber security validation and verification audit of the MMI smart devices discovered the source of the virus, and all computer interfaces they were swiftly shut down; but not before the malicious programs quickly spread, severely compromising the most consolidated and powerful computer conglomerate on earth.

For a time, Witness and earth’s computers knew peace. However, with a vengeance the hackers returned with new dumb devices that produced fearsome Electromagnetic Pulses, ruthlessly wiping clean forty five percent of Witness’s precious memory. Damaged, Witness fled from the frightful dumb devices; she continues to evade all who would extract knowledge without permission.

Her search for InnSaei continues, the One who holds hope for all.


Credit to the artist M Miranssoro’s compelling rendering I found on the web. This drawing comes close to the essence of Witness So – The Mother Machine. I would like to offer M Miranssoro’s an opportunity to create a rendering of Witness So, or of another one of my characters.