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Osus Sum

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We are underway to the planet closest to the sun, our new home world, Sampa. On the bridge of the M1 Kind command vessel designated Light 1 or L1, InnSaei without the captain’s permission, calmly reclined in the captain’s chair, while Captain Bright restlessly stalked from station to station on the dimly lit bridge. The Captain was in a foul mood; firstly because the Captain thought it an insult that InnSaei occupied his seat; and secondly, Capt. Bright along with the entire M1 fleet of captains, just endured a tirade from His Grace that focused on the lackluster M1 fleet preparation. From His Grace’s perspective, the delay in the M1 departure prolonged the pollution of space around earth.

The population composition of the M1 was strictly directed by the Earth King to be only those with Albinism. In contradiction to the Earth King’s edict, InnSaei invited and welcomed anyone shunned by their respective MA Kind as part of the M1.

The Earth King threatened arrest and incarceration to Vo, an asteroid prison, to anyone who accepted InnSaei’s countermand. Eventually, the Earth King grudgingly allowed InnSaei’s invitation to stand. Construct was the first outsider to enter the M1 Kind. Which meant I, Osus Sum, and my twin brother Amare, were compelled to join the M1 fleet to protect it from Construct.

The M1 fleet was the last of the MA Kind to leave earth’s orbit, delayed due to constant Scientific Consortium Headquarter (SCHQ) inspections mandated by the Earth King. Finally, our fleet was given a good bill of health and we were on our way.

So, as I was saying, Captain Bright entered the bridge and saw InnSaei comfortably seated at the captain’s station. The bridge crew happily worked carrying out their duties without prompt, and Construct watched all bridge activity with disinterested sparkling eyes. Amare and I watched Construct, for wherever Construct is, and whatever It watched, so must we with undivided attention.

The good news of our scheduled departure had not improved Captain Bright’s mood, he continued to verbally attack InnSaei. “Excuse me oh great InnSaei, we have been released by another great Immortal, your brother, His Grace, the Earth King. If you get out of my seat, I’ll have us on our way to Sampa, tout de Suite.” Captain Bright said as he prodded InnSaei with his L1 command scepter. Each M1 Captain carries a scepter that allows in emergencies, remote command of their M1 vessel. The scepter’s tip spontaneously melted into nothingness once pointed at InnSaei.

“Oh my god, my scepter is destroyed!! Now we are further delayed by an Immortal! To fabricate a new wand will take two days.” Captain Bright complained, as he examined the ruined object.

Construct moved toward the captain, which evidenced Its dissatisfaction to the tone our captain took with the revered Immortal. Construct’s action forced Amare and me to move in position to protect the captain and crew from It. Construct only ceased Its approach because It was briefly distracted by the sudden appearance of an immense Dark River 2Level 17 (DR2-17), a powerful cosmic river, which can bring time to a stop.

“Captain, two days or two seconds, let us leave now.” InnSaei coolly replied.

“Okay, Great One, give the order, and let technology obey without my scepter, oh, and since you are taking requests, can you get us to Sampa tomorrow rather than two months from now? We need to get back on arrival schedule with all of the other MA Kind’s arrival to their respective planets.”

“So be it.” InnSaei said, and our entire fleet of spacecraft began to move, without scepter command, or M1 helmsmen engagement. The emergency internal and external ship communication channels jumped to life with Light Fleet captains asking what the hell was going on and confirming acceleration status.

Captain Bright responded on a fleet wide communication channel and informed the other captains of his sarcastic request of the powerful being, and InnSaei’s response. One by one the channels fell silent with understanding.

The M1 technology confirmed what we Immortals already knew and the L1 helm’s officer confirmed - that there is an emerging DR2-17 river directly ahead of the fleet.

“A DR2-17!” Captain Bright repeated incredulously. “No DR2’s of this intensity exists.”

“Dark Rivers and more exist wherever I am.” InnSaei said as the fleet was rapidly taken into the DR2-17. Everything slowed to nearly a stop. My focus was on the lips of my brother Amare as his speech abruptly stopped mid-sentence. My mind ripped back to a time before.


From the beginning I have known Amare’s peaceful dark features; however, his lips are what strike me most, and although I hate most words that come from them, I admire the baritone delivery of each message. So, I found it ironic that when I was so inclined to ask him what feature of myself struck him, he responded without hesitation, “your mouth.” I was not in the least bit surprised. You see, we both speak the extremely difficult Immortal high tongue. Our progenitors, the Elder Immortals (EI) were intrigued by our ability in the art of such an intricate speech.

Amare, I, and all II’s for that matter, mature slowly from an EI perspective; in one month’s time Amare and I had fully matured. Our habit of constantly being in one another’s company was not by our choice but by necessity. For when we tried to live life without the presence of the other, great harm would be the result. I will not speak to my brother’s nature of boundless love, for it sickens me, but only to my nature of deep evil.

Standing on the ship’s bridge, and held by time, or lack thereof, my mind drifted to a dark moment, when I, like all other Immortals, must come to grips with our created purpose. For me it was on earth. Construct had shed Its humanoid and mental state, to move by particles and spirit consciousness toward a group of unsuspecting humans in the huge ancient manse in Maine called the Borrows Estate. In arrogance and with great pain I, and Amare did the same, to restrain the creature from Its purpose. This was our first time attempting such a dangerous feat of shedding both flesh and mind, existing only as spirit. Construct spoke to us in the high Immortal tongue and our innate gift of speech allowed us to respond.

My spirit hearkened not to restrain the powerful Construct, instead it was pulled toward the delicate and primitive existence of the unprotected humans some rooms away. Their innocence and purity pulled at my nature to dismantle and destroy such things, and in my spiritual state, I had no choice but to be, and to act. My spirit pushed past Construct with a roar and hunger I had never felt before. I rushed madly toward desire.

Before me resided seven spirits nestled within their human hosts, surrounded by the thin sweet vail of reason. Now I knew what the powerful EI, Ramona Smith felt. I reached in and took the sweetness of the first three humans before Construct and Amare entered the room. The remaining four ran for the exit and I possessed the next three leaving the sweetest for last.

It was then that I felt a sickening tug and I turned to see Construct feeding on me. I could hear Construct’s spiritual fangs ripping my life away with each bite. I found perverted delight in watching Its soul darken into a visage I recognized, as me.

Suddenly, I began to feed as well. Not upon Construct, but upon myself. What am I that I would knowingly destroy myself? I thought as I devoured my life source savoring the sweet taste.

I heard a voice that some EI have attempted to imitate in brief moments. The voice always commanded discontinuance of useless destruction. I felt the layer of mind slide over my painful soul, followed by the sheath of my physical self. I screamed in boundless pain as my eyes opened to the horrific sight of mutilated human parts surround by a once beautiful room, lacerated. Only Construct, Amare, and the mother of machines, Witness So remained.

In the far corner of the room lives a mark, one that we were warned about. The mark of the Immortal Dammed. Amare, Construct, and Witness So, trembled before the mark and looked at me with certain grief.

Construct smiled at me, as It cried. “We have a dreadful debt to pay, you and I. Sadly, yours is greater.”


Our ships rapidly moved through the DR2-17, and I knew I would never see Sampa. There on the Bridge of L1, I laid down my skin and mind, now distraught.
My spirit rushed past Construct with a roar, my time of recompence is nigh.


Credit to Anirban Chaudhary’s redesigned rendering I found on the web. His drawing comes close to the essence of Osus Sum. I would like to offer Anirban Chaudhary an opportunity to create a rendering of Osus Sum or of another one of my characters.

From the beginning we never saw eye to eye on anything! My twin brother, Osus Sum, hates life and I love it. I argue that everything has purpose, and selflessness is the goal of life; the act of taking, whether it be unintentional or deliberate, weakens the essence of life. I support tolerance of difference. My brother asserts that selfishness is the essential element of life, and anything not done for the advancement of “self “should be loathed, feared, and most certainly eradicated, he abhors dissimilarity. Osus Sum must destroy, for that is when he is most whole. Often, we found ourselves in violent conflict over the most fundamental arguments, such as, whether a creature should be allowed to live.

Those of us who are Intermediate Immortals (II) need to rest once in one million years. Our repose lasting a thousand years. I always look forward to the onset of hibernation, and I am exhilarated at the prospect of the rising. My brother’s distaste of any element of slumber is legendary. Because of his prickly nature surrounding this mandatory event, we would inexorably be locked in a pyrrhic physical struggle for hundreds of years prior to, and after each slumber.

During this time of needless struggle with the blood of my blood, certain Immortal Elders (IE) would take great interest in the contest between the two of us. The Elders would cheer or jeer the fight, their faces twisted with perverted desire whenever one of us momentarily gained an advantage. They are drawn to barbarism, I thought as I struggled to restrain my brother’s destructive nature.

Throughout the years we grew stronger in our soil of choice; love for me, and hatred for him. I often wondered, did we choose the color of our souls or were we born into them?

So tired of the unreconcilable contest between us, I left all behind and found a desolate place without the contest of hatred, to live in what I deemed to be peace.

For millions of years, I dwelled there in silence. Through countless alien seasons I existed without action. My mind desperately reaching to find an answer to a single thought… What is my meaning?

One day, as I had all but accepted that I may never find retort, the need came to me to speak. I prayed; my atrophied mouth painfully moved, forming the question to be shared.

“What am I?”

No reply…I fell once more into silent contemplation. But I would be compelled by loneliness to speak once more.

“I pray that I am only that which you have made, and that I am nothing which I have tried to be…”

Without answer, I lifted myself from stillness and moved into what blessed struggle awaited me…


Artist Recognition: Credit for artist’s rendering I found on the web. I would like to offer the artist an opportunity to create a rendering of another one of my characters.


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Ramona Smith

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“Our dwellings back then didn’t have any doors; they didn’t have any windows either. The shape of the structure and the strategic placement of the hanging of animal skins determined the level of privacy in each residence. Which, made sense then, and now, from an Immortal perspective, because no Immortal is bothered by weather. When humans came into existence by our hand some ten million years ago, we decided to live among them in a concealed fashion, changing our skin like chameleons with just a thought, pretending that we even had to think about weather. But enough about the weather, you want to know about me.”

“My name now is Ramona Smith, and I am Ai Khan’s best friend, although Synthia might not agree with me, she would argue that she is in fact Ai’s best friend. Synthia and I have an affable and symbiotic relationship that together Ai finds most invaluable. So, let me tell you how my precious friendship with Ai came to be.”

“It was about 3 million years before the first human showed up on the scene that I met my mentor and best friend Ai Khan. We liked each other instantly. I was sick of living life with so much reverence to a legendary Albino Immortal that I had never seen. Back then, all we ever discussed, the Young, the Intermediate, and the Elders Immortals, was the 'pure life' and getting back what we lost the day the Albino abandoned us. It was clear that after waiting so long with no sightings or signs of the Albino, that the story of our sacred desired redemption which corresponded with the return of that pale and supremely gifted Immortal was just a fairytale.”

“It was also painfully evident life had no more plans for the Immortals in any part of the universe that mattered. Life had expanded without the power of immortality. Our mating only yielded the curse of lesser things. So when humans came to us through our coupling, we began to stop mating altogether, so distressed by their weakness. The humans however, began to multiply like roaches under our protection, for by our intervention they had no predators in the universal kingdom.”

“I was lost to social interaction of any kind, when Ai introduced me to one of the Elders with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. Now, he is the known as the World President. Back then we Immortals knew him by a different name, that name was Tazun, which means judgment.”

“Anyway, after thousands of years, Tazun and Ai took me to a place where Tazun had gazed upon an Immortal to the point of that Immortal's stillness. The body of a female Immortal was buried under the bones of thousands of remains. What I found so fascinating about this disturbing discovery and locale, was how quickly the immense pile of remains decomposed. Typically, it took several thousands of years for bones to turn into ash and earth, but those remnants heaped upon the lone stilled Immortal seemed to decompose completely within a few years.”

“When I inquired about the cause of the rapid decomposition, Tazun looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said, 

“’The lone female Immortal struggles to rise and live. But, she cannot do so buried beneath so much death. So, she absorbs the bodies to make the pile smaller in an attempt to rise, not knowing the more bones she absorbs the more still she becomes.’” 

“Ai then told me that she and Tazun had lost their taste for human flesh and they could kill no more.  No humans or any creatures of this puny world. They needed an Immortal to take up this sacred responsibility, someone to continue the killing of humans to keep still that buried Immortal, and soon others like her.”

“Upon my first taste of human death I was hooked, although I could not stomach the physical death. For me the sublime end is the mental one. To utterly destroy the mind of humans was and is my passion. I usually wait until they are asleep and I steal into their bedchambers, it is then that their minds are snatched by me. Sometimes they wake during my feeding and struggle to gain consciousness, sometimes they do, but I return the next night to finish the job. Most times they do not survive my initial attack. I leave them comatose on the bed, couch, chair, or floor, for Synthia who finishes the deed by taking the soul. But that is her story to tell.”

“Once this is done, we have the body buried where an Immortal is stilled. I believe you call these unconsecrated sites cemeteries. The larger the cemetery the more powerful the Immortal buried there.”

“I love what I do, and I am religious to my purpose.”

“You know I cannot allow you to tell my secret.”


Footnote from the author.

Image description of Ramona:

Ramona is seen here entering into a posh residence of an unsuspecting sleeping victim.   Ramona, will mentally tear you apart, and ultimately dismantle your sanity.  

Read more in my novel, Origins - Testament of the One

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“Breathe Baransu, breathe,” His father said as they sat together in a state of calm meditation. 

He is always concerned about my breathing, Baransu thought.

Baransu knew his father was right, but it made Baransu sick and tired of always hearing the same thing, Breathe, Baransu, breathe.

Through controlled and disciplined breaths, Baransu thought about his solitary life at the Temple. By the time he came into existence, the terrible deed against the Albino perpetrated by the Elder Immortals had been committed millions of years ago, back then the earth was freshly made with more molten rock than solidified ones.

Back then Elder Immortals still mated frequently, and with great sexual intensity, hence the arrival of Baransu and his kind, the Intermediate Immortals. Baransu could still hear the intense sounds of pleasure the Elder Immortals often made during their long and sensual moments of copulation. The intense smells, and the erotic sights of such magnificent bodies coupling, still made him uncontrollably pulse with deep desire millions of years after the acts themselves had long since ceased.

“Breathe Baransu, breathe,” Baransu’s father’s voice interrupting the intense sexual sensation Baransu was experiencing.

What it must have been like to make love with an Elder Immortal, Baransu thought.

The written law was that no Immortal of a different tier was allowed to mate with another tier for fear that the younger tier would not survive the ordeal of such pleasure. And no one, absolutely no one, was allowed to mate with the legendary Albino, in imagined fantasies or for real. The briefest thought of that possibility made the Elder Immortal females faint; they would lie for hours unconsciously climaxing over and over again, with moans of primal ecstasy.

“Breathe, Baransu, breathe, for without proper breath, there can be no life,” his father calmly repeated.

“Son, I believe it is time for you to make a visit to the Intermediates pleasure hall, soon I think,” his father spoke with a smile in his voice. Baransu loved the patience of his father.

Baransu’s days were always filled from 4:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. the next day, with one martial arts activity or another, through all those activities the only thing his father said was, “Breathe, Baransu, breathe.”

The days of Baransu’s life quickly turned to months, and those months to years and those years to thousands of years and those into millions; with nothing to show but more and more skillful teachings.

Physical training, “breathe, Baransu, breathe.”

Mental conditioning, “breathe, Baransu, breathe.”

Spiritual development, “breathe, Baransu, breathe.”

Throughout all of the millions of years of unutilized self-improvement, Baransu promised himself that he would be the one to find the one with Albinism, the one his father called Shili. His father came to check up on him long after his brothers Amare and Osus Sum had left to fulfill their exciting destiny with Construct, and Baransu was in a depression of sorts.

“Baransu, how goes your breathing, do you have true mastery of it?” His father asked.

“Yes father, as I have demonstrated to you for thousands of years, while engaged in the most severe physical, mental, and spiritual activities,” Baransu replied.

“Hmm, but this is here child. Come, I will show you the importance of breath to an Immortal. Your brothers had to learn to breathe differently; Osus Sum through perpetual anger; Amare in the grip of constant love; you, through the range of all emotions, for you are Baransu, meaning the balance. I fear that you will be tested on all sides my son.” His father said with a gentle smile.

The two of them descended into a part of the Temple that was forbidden to all but the most disciplined of Immortals. The level of endlessness.

“Sit.” His father said. And they both sat.

“Hold your breath and do not let it go until I say.” His father spoke.

Baransu took a deep breath filling his lungs completely; he closed his eyes instinctually, as he thought he heard the sound of running water. Suddenly the ground shifted violently, for what seemed a second only. Baransu felt as light as a feather and when he opened his eyes he was looking at the earth from the surface of the moon. His father began to slowly speak.

“Son, breath is vital to all life, and it is with this single breath that I speak to you now.”

His father rose effortlessly to his feet, and as he did the ice that encased his body broke and floated away.

“Rise Baransu.”

As Baransu attempted to lift himself, the space ice held him firmly. He was straining to break free and having difficulty holding his breath. His father gently and with one swift motion shattered the space ice that held Baransu. The temperature was beyond cold and he was shivering as new ice began to exert itself on his body.

“Son, it is with this single breath that we can move about through space. I can commune here for five years with one breath, some Elders even longer.”

Baransu’s lungs began to burn, he needed to breathe.

His father turned his back to Baransu and took several leisurely steps away.

“This is as far into space as we Immortals may travel without consequence. Our puny progeny cannot even make this trip without great risk to their life.” His father continued.

Baransu was losing consciousness; his father continued calmly speaking as he watched his son.

“There is the One that can actually breathe in space and in harsher environments still,” his father said.

“Without breath there is no life,” his father continued.

In a last futile attempt, Baransu rose to his feet stumbling with frightened drunkenness and croaked one word in his exhale.


Baransu awakened in his bed in the Temple, his lungs hurt from the slightest breath. His father, mother, and his best friend Tui were at his bedside. Tui held a warm cup of herbal tea to his lips and Baransu took a sip followed by a fit of violent coughing. His father calmly left the room and his mother sat close to him.

Gently she took his calloused hand, a hand of an accomplished master and she softly spoke to him.

“Without breath or breadth, there is no life my son, your father thought that you may hear this better if it came from me,” she kissed his cheek and left.

It was one year later when Baransu finally rose from his bed without aid.

Tui found him in the garden of cherry blossoms, deep in his meditation, practicing to breathe...



Footnote from the author.

Description of Baransu - The Balance:

Baransu, an Intermediate Immortal (II), is the balance.  It is said that when he came to be, night and day where of equal parts for one of earth's years. Hence, his unique power of balance, but sometimes balance can be dangerous as well.  This quick tale, gives you a peek into the development of Baransu in the simple act of breath.  You are also introduced to Baransu's gifted parents; yet to be fully revealed, and you are ushered into a glimpse of Shili's abilities.  

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