InnSaei - The One


InnSaei - The One

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InnSaei - The One

He is black, a being with albinism, flesh of alabaster. Platinum colored hair, he is often seen clean shaven, shortly before an uttermost event, his eyes, the color of the flame eternal.  InnSaei is the light in the void, the drinker of the Ocean of Existence, Understanding, and Might.  InnSaei is Beautiful.  He is the Secret, the Test and the Judgment made flesh.  He is perfection as InnSaei is the purest manifestation of the SOURCE. He is the conduit of the Unlimited.  InnSaei is Creation.  


I have harkened to one thing


That which is with me, and I with him, altogether 

I know the beginning for I have seen it

Freely, I exist

I am endlessness


“Woefully, I have watched much and more turn from the SOURCE, one by one, thousands by thousands, millions by millions, billions by billions, and now beyond count.  Yet, the SOURCE did not dim, nor abate.”


“Ago…In that wilderness devoid of faith or mercy, the SOURCE sustained me, and imparted to me the words.  By his will and in distress, I spoke those words into existence, and my actions are true to their meaning.”   


The Origin holds all things Sacred

Even Darkness

In that Darkness, the Covenant was made

But words betrayed the Inviolable

Horrible deeds followed

Now, all shall Pay

Origins -Testament of the One…

I am the Origin’s most perfect Tool

 The Promise

The Gift

The Destroyer

The Action

The WORD fulfilled

Behold, I come to you now…


“I have been held from action, by the SOURCE, and in time I will be once again poured out into the COSMOS, then all will know.”


I am the One that can undo what has been done

Bound by Nothing

Faithful to the WORD

The WORD is the Verdict





Credit for artist’s rendering I found on the web.  This drawing comes close to the essence of InnSaei, I would like to offer the artist an opportunity to create a rendering of “The One” or of another one of my characters.


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