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Osus Sum

We are underway to the planet closest to the sun, our new home world, Sampa. On the bridge of the M1 Kind command vessel designated Light 1 or L1, InnSaei without the captain’s permission, calmly reclined in the captain’s chair, while Captain Bright restlessly stalked from station to station on the dimly lit bridge. The Captain was in a foul mood; firstly because the Captain thought it an insult that InnSaei occupied his seat; and secondly, Capt. Bright along with the entire M1 fleet of captains, just endured a tirade from His Grace that focused on the lackluster M1 fleet preparation. From His Grace’s perspective, the delay in the M1 departure prolonged the pollution of space around earth.

The population composition of the M1 was strictly directed by the Earth King to be only those with Albinism. In contradiction to the Earth King’s edict, InnSaei invited and welcomed anyone shunned by their respective MA Kind as part of the M1.

The Earth King threatened arrest and incarceration to Vo, an asteroid prison, to anyone who accepted InnSaei’s countermand. Eventually, the Earth King grudgingly allowed InnSaei’s invitation to stand. Construct was the first outsider to enter the M1 Kind. Which meant I, Osus Sum, and my twin brother Amare, were compelled to join the M1 fleet to protect it from Construct.

The M1 fleet was the last of the MA Kind to leave earth’s orbit, delayed due to constant Scientific Consortium Headquarter (SCHQ) inspections mandated by the Earth King. Finally, our fleet was given a good bill of health and we were on our way.

So, as I was saying, Captain Bright entered the bridge and saw InnSaei comfortably seated at the captain’s station. The bridge crew happily worked carrying out their duties without prompt, and Construct watched all bridge activity with disinterested sparkling eyes. Amare and I watched Construct, for wherever Construct is, and whatever It watched, so must we with undivided attention.

The good news of our scheduled departure had not improved Captain Bright’s mood, he continued to verbally attack InnSaei. “Excuse me oh great InnSaei, we have been released by another great Immortal, your brother, His Grace, the Earth King. If you get out of my seat, I’ll have us on our way to Sampa, tout de Suite.” Captain Bright said as he prodded InnSaei with his L1 command scepter. Each M1 Captain carries a scepter that allows in emergencies, remote command of their M1 vessel. The scepter’s tip spontaneously melted into nothingness once pointed at InnSaei.

“Oh my god, my scepter is destroyed!! Now we are further delayed by an Immortal! To fabricate a new wand will take two days.” Captain Bright complained, as he examined the ruined object.

Construct moved toward the captain, which evidenced Its dissatisfaction to the tone our captain took with the revered Immortal. Construct’s action forced Amare and me to move in position to protect the captain and crew from It. Construct only ceased Its approach because It was briefly distracted by the sudden appearance of an immense Dark River 2Level 17 (DR2-17), a powerful cosmic river, which can bring time to a stop.

“Captain, two days or two seconds, let us leave now.” InnSaei coolly replied.

“Okay, Great One, give the order, and let technology obey without my scepter, oh, and since you are taking requests, can you get us to Sampa tomorrow rather than two months from now? We need to get back on arrival schedule with all of the other MA Kind’s arrival to their respective planets.”

“So be it.” InnSaei said, and our entire fleet of spacecraft began to move, without scepter command, or M1 helmsmen engagement. The emergency internal and external ship communication channels jumped to life with Light Fleet captains asking what the hell was going on and confirming acceleration status.

Captain Bright responded on a fleet wide communication channel and informed the other captains of his sarcastic request of the powerful being, and InnSaei’s response. One by one the channels fell silent with understanding.

The M1 technology confirmed what we Immortals already knew and the L1 helm’s officer confirmed - that there is an emerging DR2-17 river directly ahead of the fleet.

“A DR2-17!” Captain Bright repeated incredulously. “No DR2’s of this intensity exists.”

“Dark Rivers and more exist wherever I am.” InnSaei said as the fleet was rapidly taken into the DR2-17. Everything slowed to nearly a stop. My focus was on the lips of my brother Amare as his speech abruptly stopped mid-sentence. My mind ripped back to a time before.


From the beginning I have known Amare’s peaceful dark features; however, his lips are what strike me most, and although I hate most words that come from them, I admire the baritone delivery of each message. So, I found it ironic that when I was so inclined to ask him what feature of myself struck him, he responded without hesitation, “your mouth.” I was not in the least bit surprised. You see, we both speak the extremely difficult Immortal high tongue. Our progenitors, the Elder Immortals (EI) were intrigued by our ability in the art of such an intricate speech.

Amare, I, and all II’s for that matter, mature slowly from an EI perspective; in one month’s time Amare and I had fully matured. Our habit of constantly being in one another’s company was not by our choice but by necessity. For when we tried to live life without the presence of the other, great harm would be the result. I will not speak to my brother’s nature of boundless love, for it sickens me, but only to my nature of deep evil.

Standing on the ship’s bridge, and held by time, or lack thereof, my mind drifted to a dark moment, when I, like all other Immortals, must come to grips with our created purpose. For me it was on earth. Construct had shed Its humanoid and mental state, to move by particles and spirit consciousness toward a group of unsuspecting humans in the huge ancient manse in Maine called the Borrows Estate. In arrogance and with great pain I, and Amare did the same, to restrain the creature from Its purpose. This was our first time attempting such a dangerous feat of shedding both flesh and mind, existing only as spirit. Construct spoke to us in the high Immortal tongue and our innate gift of speech allowed us to respond.

My spirit hearkened not to restrain the powerful Construct, instead it was pulled toward the delicate and primitive existence of the unprotected humans some rooms away. Their innocence and purity pulled at my nature to dismantle and destroy such things, and in my spiritual state, I had no choice but to be, and to act. My spirit pushed past Construct with a roar and hunger I had never felt before. I rushed madly toward desire.

Before me resided seven spirits nestled within their human hosts, surrounded by the thin sweet vail of reason. Now I knew what the powerful EI, Ramona Smith felt. I reached in and took the sweetness of the first three humans before Construct and Amare entered the room. The remaining four ran for the exit and I possessed the next three leaving the sweetest for last.

It was then that I felt a sickening tug and I turned to see Construct feeding on me. I could hear Construct’s spiritual fangs ripping my life away with each bite. I found perverted delight in watching Its soul darken into a visage I recognized, as me.

Suddenly, I began to feed as well. Not upon Construct, but upon myself. What am I that I would knowingly destroy myself? I thought as I devoured my life source savoring the sweet taste.

I heard a voice that some EI have attempted to imitate in brief moments. The voice always commanded discontinuance of useless destruction. I felt the layer of mind slide over my painful soul, followed by the sheath of my physical self. I screamed in boundless pain as my eyes opened to the horrific sight of mutilated human parts surround by a once beautiful room, lacerated. Only Construct, Amare, and the mother of machines, Witness So remained.

In the far corner of the room lives a mark, one that we were warned about. The mark of the Immortal Dammed. Amare, Construct, and Witness So, trembled before the mark and looked at me with certain grief.

Construct smiled at me, as It cried. “We have a dreadful debt to pay, you and I. Sadly, yours is greater.”


Our ships rapidly moved through the DR2-17, and I knew I would never see Sampa. There on the Bridge of L1, I laid down my skin and mind, now distraught.
My spirit rushed past Construct with a roar, my time of recompence is nigh.


Credit to Anirban Chaudhary’s redesigned rendering I found on the web. His drawing comes close to the essence of Osus Sum. I would like to offer Anirban Chaudhary an opportunity to create a rendering of Osus Sum or of another one of my characters.

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