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Ai Khan

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Ai Khan


Ms. Alexis Evening’s heart, the premier anchorwoman of news station WAJI, had never beat so rapidly in her entire life. She fearfully observed the stunning, and scantily clad black woman that sat in an overstuffed ancient and other worldly chair across from her. This interview was unquestionably not the one to be passive; it would require skillful wit and the deepest of guile.

 Ms. Evening had been chasing this interview with the mysterious and reportedly deadly Ai Khan for some thirty years. Prior to snagging this exclusive interview with Ms. Khan, her former supervisor Mr. Steve Euripides had been aggressively in pursuit of Ai Khan for over fifty years, without even a whisper from Ms. Khan’s people.

 Alexis sat quietly across from the powerful female, refusing to make any unnecessary eye contact, as her crew continued setting up for the live interview. Staring across the room, Alexis was nervously content, as she fondly reminisced about Mr. Euripides’ final day with the network. His last day was a network spectacular event broadcasted around the world. After all, Mr. Euripides had been awarded every news prize that ever existed. So, Ms. Evening was thrilled and honored to know that she would be named his successor.

 As her camera men worked through the final details of lighting and angles, Ms. Evening’s mind drifted back to yesterday when she was given the news that Ms. Khan had granted the interview. Alexis immediately called her old mentor and boss Mr. Euripides, and excitedly exclaimed.

 “I got it!! I got that damned interview with Khan.”

 At first, there was no sound at all that could be heard over the communications link. The deafening silence was broken by the all too familiar voice of Mr. Euripides; his deep baritone voice was not excited about her news, but was instead measured, and tinged with great concern.

“Dear Alexis, I wish you had not pursued this interview. It is beyond your skills, and you will gain the attention of those that are so powerful, that just their presence could render your life forfeit dear child.”

 “Forfeit!! Ms. Khan’s friends may have vast amounts of material means, but they put on their pants just like everyone else, one leg at a time Steve.”

 Alexis was annoyed that Steve was not happy for her. She felt that Steve was jealous of her accomplishment, and that he didn’t even congratulate her. In fact, he offered a rebuke. His response really disappointed her, after all the years she supported him without judgment during his fruitless pursuit of the mighty female.

 “No, they don’t, they don’t put on their pants the same way. You can’t cancel the interview now, but be careful Alexis you must be extremely careful with this being.”

 The communication link with her mentor was terminated without so much as a good luck or goodbye.

Why would Steve discontinue the conversation so abruptly? He would never do that. It was as if someone else had terminated the link before either of them was ready to say goodbye.

Those series of needling thoughts and uneasy feelings were just plain nonsense, Alexis thought as she stared at her communications device with mixed emotion.

 Ms. Evening’s thoughts of yesterday’s strange and disappointing brief discussion with Steve was interrupted by Ai Khan’s voice. Ms. Khan started the interview without waiting for an introduction or opening question from Alexis.

 How rude, Alexis thought.

 “I have, over vast time killed just about everything, here and in places very far away... Beings that crawled, walked, swam, or flew. But I find that killing the things of my blood, the Intermediate and Younger Immortals the most satisfying. Destruction of every other thing is just an interlude to my truest passion and desire.” Ai Khan exhaled with a voice as liquid as venom.

“Are you Immortal? And are you the only one?” Ms. Evening rebutted, recovering quickly from the unconventional start of the live interview.

 “Oh yes, stupid child, and most definitely not, dumbass. Ohhhhh, don’t you see? Your looks, not your feeble intelligence got your ass this position, and your gender, my brief audience. You do know heedless one, that this is the last good thing for you. This interview is your dead end child.”

 “Is this how you speak to people all the time?” Ms. Evening inquired, inwardly shaken, but outwardly poised.

 “Do you know of any other way to speak to lesser beings motherfucka?” Ai hissed as she leaned forward, providing Ms. Evening a chance to look into the deadliest eyes she had ever seen. Ai Khan’s pupils were the blackest Alexis could remember; they simply destroyed light. Ms. Khan’s mouth had perfect teeth, better suited for biting and killing than for speaking and smiling. Her gnashing teeth moved in a devouring motion with each word she spoke.

 “That’s right bitch. I know you see me now, and normally you would be dead at this point, but you are too insignificant for my effort,” Ai Khan said as she momentarily looked at the red silk door to the right that suddenly moved as if someone who stood behind it had just taken his or her leave.

 “Well, I’m done here chick, you are nothing but trash to me, but you know what they say bitch... one Immortal's trash is another one’s treasure.” Ai Khan’s laughter was rudely bombastic and she didn’t give a shit.

 The camera crew stood around the room’s perimeter. They instinctually leaned away from Ai Khan, as if they wanted to bolt from a predator, but were simply incapable of performing the act of flight.

 “I know he’ll like you, cunt. Cut those motherfuckin cameras off, I’m done here!!!” Ai Khan exclaimed.

 Ai Khan smoothly rose to her feet in one fluid motion, Alexis noticed that Ai was already past her seat before she could even respond. Alexis also caught a particular smell from Ai Khan that was terribly repulsive yet hypnotic, causing Alexis to groan from a place totally instinctual.

 The room’s lights shown brighter after Ai Kahn exited through the red curtain.

 “What the hell just happened?” Alexis spoke in a quivering voice; her question met by dumbfounded blessed silence.


Footnote from the author. 

Image description of Ai Khan:

Ai Khan, an Elder Immortal, is seen here in her true form, she triumphantly sits in the palm of one of the leviathans she has destroyed in the past.  She is most delighted in the midst of destruction. 

Beware of this one. Read about her in my novel, Origins - Testament of the One

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