Testament Of The One

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Aaron Colbert

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The Gossip - Ai Khan
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The Gossip - Ramona Smith

Q & A with Aaron

Q: What is your inspiration for writing?

A: Life itself is my inspiration.  To truly capture the highs, the lows, and all the necessary elements between.  To look at something head on, and to move through the fear or the jubilation of the now, and then to later set aside yourself in the experience of remembrance. I have been blessed to have microscopic focus, as well as possess the limitless imagination of a child.  There is so much joy and pain in the deep understanding of life.  There is boundless Inspiration...

Ai Khan


Character Reveal

Ms. Alexis Evening’s heart, the premier anchor woman of news station WAJI, had never beat so rapidly in her entire life as she observed the stunning, and scantily clad black woman that sat in an overstuffed chair across from her. But this interview was unquestionably not the one to be passive; this dialogue would require skillful wit and the deepest of guile....