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Mr. Adican " Bossman" Profit Stern

Bossman tolerates Barrett Blueblood because Barrett contributes to Bossman's slave base. Bossman hates second place and carries a sense of entitlement. He is pious and always right. He looks down on all. Beings exist to serve him. He is the consummate slaver.


Every one-thousandth year of his life after the dreadful day concerning the Albino, Bossman would find himself in a dreadful mood - a disposition that bit at his very soul like a Throck - an ancient, deadly and vile creature known to shatter the bones of its prey with a single bite. Many times, Bossman and the other Immortal Elders would hear the screams of dragons as they struggled in the relentless grip of these massive and cruel creatures that arose at night from beneath the earth to hunt dragons as they slept. The Throck hunted dragons by focusing in on a dragon’s resting heartbeat. Like the Throck, Bossman’s thoughts on occasion would angrily surge from some buried place, and resurrect the memory of the terrible deed perpetrated against the Albino; those thoughts like the Throck, hunted Bossman as he rested just like the unsuspecting dragon.

 Frightful recollections of the Albino would shatter the bones of his soul as Bossman struggled to free himself from the maw of that horrific memory. That one event would linger with him for decades on end, forcing Bossman into dreadful isolation from the rest of the Immortals, until he could bury it in a spiritually shallow unmarked grave, providing temporary relief. The truth of it, Bossman's own essence tortured him to the point of complete isolation.

 Add to the aforementioned spiritual ruin, Bossman never really got along with anyone that was older than he.  He felt that the older Immortals kept with purposeful malice and entitled intent, secrets from him.  There were twelve Immortal Elders including the Albino that preceded Bossman in age. After the Albino left the Immortals, Bossman verbally attacked the eleven Elders with great determination, creating terrible rancor, placing him at odds with the most powerful of beings in existence, with no hopes of reconciliation, for there was no trust of them on his part.

 As eons passed and feuds with the Elders increased with intensity and duration, Bossman through his well placed complaints, established tenuous oppressive friendships with those younger than he, for he possessed knowledge they did not. Over time as the population of the Intermediate and Younger Immortals grew, Bossman found himself the most popular of the Elder Immortals. It was bound to happen because the other Elders, both senior and junior to Bossman, removed themselves from those not as strong or capable. Bossman instinctively gravitated to those younger than he, because he could easily rule over them.

 After much time the Elder Immortals took note of the warped relationship that Bossman had established, especially with the Intermediate and Younger Immortals, but the Elders took little action against the behavior because Bossman seemed to finally be at peace with himself and with others. Until one day while in flight, a few Elder Immortal discovered an ancient message made of symbols the size of a galaxy, the gargantuan ruins were written in the extinct Immortal high tongue, and the shape of the galaxy spoke the command. This message greatly concerned the Elders because of its ominous warning.  The high tongue of the Immortals was forbidden and had not been used since the Albino left eons ago; to align the stars to create a message of that size would require immense power.

The Elder Immortals gathered to discuss the message and the symbols. They quickly named the cosmic edict the “Immortal Rule,” as the glyphs stated that no Immortal was to rule or demonstrate impudence against another Immortal, or great harm without mercy would swiftly come. This rule was quickly discussed; and mandated to be upheld by a majority vote of all Immortals alive at that time. The decision to adhere to the Immortal Rule devastated Bossman, for he could no longer lord his elder status and power over those that were younger, that was until after years without count, Dark Light, and Bright Fire, two Younger Immortals from Bossman’s own bloodline brought into the world five strange creatures with the physical appearance of the Albino. These creatures made the strangest sounds and clear liquid flowed from their eyes. Dark Light took his five children and presented them directly to the eleven Immortal Elders who determined them not to be Immortal. Dark Light, named his new treasured progeny “Humanus or Human,” and Bright Fire, their mother named them “Tears” because of the strange clear fluid that issued from their eyes as they made strange sounds.

Bossman kindly petitioned the eleven elders and declared that the Immortal Rule did not pertain to these creatures, as the creatures were deemed human. After his persuasive argument, the eleven Elders yielded to Bossman and his followers, after all, Tears were from Bossman's direct bloodline, and he would assuredly love and care for them. That day was the happiest day of Bossman’s life. Tragically, all but one of the Tears died before maturity.

Bossman then took special interest in the mating between all Younger Immortals. He petitioned tirelessly to all that would listen, that the Intermediates and especially the Elders stop mating altogether, and although his petition failed to pass consent by the Elders, the sexual attitudes of the Elders and the Intermediates decreased rapidly, because his petitions brought to light the  truthful shame of diminishment.

Bossman then encouraged the Younger Immortals to mate with great zeal, as they created a species that was completely different from any species and was a good omen; it had to be, as the Tears resembled the Albino in appearance.

The Younger Immortals embraced Bossman’s arguments, and within five thousand years the human population ten times outnumbered the entire Immortal population. As a bonus, the humans themselves possessed veracious sexual appetites as well, much to the delight of Bossman.

Bossman began to instruct the humans, not with words, but with his actions that lighter colored skin and straight hair was favored. He showed them that he thought his kind was ugly, stupid, wicked, weak, and not to be trusted.

And the humans believed him.

Thousands of years passed before Bossman could speak to any Elder Immortal with brotherly love, respect, and peace; war was no longer in his voice. He told them that he had formed a new religion amongst the humans, and they follow it as absolute law. The Immortals gave him great praise, for in their eyes all things should have a spiritual base; as love, inclusion, and peace, is right with the universe. When asked the name of this human religion, Bossman lovingly responded, “Slavery.”


Footnote from the author.

Description of Bossman - Utter bondage.

Bossman, an Elder Immortal (EI), is one of immense power, yet he harbors a terrible inconsolable distrust that cannot be filled for those created before him, and a cruel perception of all those that came into existence after him; especially that of his kind.  He has moved through life with such a vile hatred of himself, that it has spilled into his progeny and others as well.   He is known as the Master Slaver. 

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