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Ms.bobby Cohen


Ms. Bobby Cohen

Character Reveals

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Ms. Bobby Cohen

After the WAJI nightly news Chief Editor and Lead Anchor, Alexis Evening’s sudden and mysterious death, inexorably the position fell to Co-Anchor, Ms. Bobby Cohen. It would be a gross understatement to say that the job was difficult. WAJI is the world’s premier news network.

Before Bobby could officially report to work as the featured anchor, she had to sign, an exclusive contract with media mogul, Bossman. She executed the detailed document with mixed emotion. As a perk, she was gifted the opulent penthouse that once belonged to Alexis. Ms. Cohen was never comfortable there, and when asked why, she was not sure. Perhaps, it was because the opulent penthouse was the last place Alexis was seen entering, or maybe for some other reason; some investigations are just too close to examine, some wounds just too deep.

“Sometimes I feel like someone is watching me there.” Bobby would say under a hushed voice to her mom or closest friends. So, she instead stayed at her parent’s house in Long Branch, NJ, and made the daily hover flight commute to NYC.

At the end of her first year as Lead Anchorwoman, Bobby was told to get her affairs together and to report to Eden’s Gate hospital for her “human to MA Kind conversion”, specifically to M3 Kind. Without hesitation she boarded on the network’s private jet and flew to Israel. It was immediately apparent that a large portion of Israelis had already left the country for their M4 conversion. Bobby hopped into a HLimousine and headed to Eden’s Gate.

Once there, Bobby and her lawyer reviewed all the paperwork associated with her M3 transmutation. There was intense negotiation concerning her health; specifically a guarantee of her appearance being more attractive than the average M3; after all, she is a celebrity of sorts. Upon the conclusion of a successful negotiation, Bobby signed the paperwork and went to grab dinner. Unlike Alexis, Bobby usually retired early and with little fanfare, tonight was no exception. So, by 7 p.m., she was comfortably checked into her hotel suite at the opulent Zion Hotel; the ocean scented infuser gently prodded her off to sleep.

She awoke many months later in an unfamiliar place that smelled horrible. The scent of medicine and cleaning fluid consumed everything.

“Where am I?” Bobby croaked.

“You are in recovery at Eden’s Gate.” A woman’s voice gently replied.

Bobby could hear whispered conversations throughout the large space, but she could not see anything. Reaching her hand up, she was startled to feel something warm and wet on her face. A placenta like membrane covered her head; she had a slight headache and some disorientation, but other than that she felt fine.

“It stinks in here,” she said in muffled tone, her throat sore.

As Bobby tried to raise herself from the bed, she felt a hard pinch on her leg, followed by a heavy moist thud falling to the floor next to her bed.

“What was that?” She tried to see what just happened. The facial film obscuring all sight; a soft reassuring hand gently held her down and she was again, off to sleep.

Bobby awakened months later, back in her suite at the Zion Hotel. She stiffly placed her feet on the floor, as she sat on the edge of her bed and felt the plushness of the carpet beneath her feet. She looked around the large sleeping area, easily measuring twenty by thirty feet. She was famished and felt strangely exhilarated. Bobby closed her eyes, and steadied herself as she stood, she stepped from the bed, and nearly smashed headfirst into the wall.

“What on earth? How was I able to cover that distance in one step?” Bobby said, her voice clear and strong.

“Because you are M3, and what a lovely M3 you are.” A man’s voice responded. She turned, startled, and a tall strangely attractive man sat on what seemed an unusually large sofa.

“I know, I look strange to you, but it is not me you should be focused on,” he said with a smirk, as he pointed at her. She looked down at her very pretty feet and then stared into a full-length mirror to her right. Bobby gasped in disbelief. There she was metamorphosed into something more than human. Bobby was stunned by her beauty. She was not Clique beautiful, but everything she loved about her body was enhanced, and everything she hated was no longer there. She looked air brushed by Michelangelo, and for the first time she felt that clothing was a detractor from her splendor.

Bobby turned and looked at the handsome man as he raised himself from the coach and walked toward her in powerful masculine steps that only a man can take. Unashamed, Bobby stood her ground, moreover, she took several steps towards him. They met in the center of the room and silently admired each other up close.

“Don’t you recognize me,” he finally said.

“As a matter of fact, I don’t.” Bobby said, she felt spectacular; nothing but endorphins and hormones in perfect harmony. The man smiled and took a step back.

“It is me Todd Feldman your camera man.”

“Damn! It is you!!” What are you doing here?” Bobby asked.

“I’m here to pick you up, we have an assignment directly from the World POTUS or Earth King, or whatever he is called these days; we have to visit and interview a leader of each MA Kind before they leave orbit.” He replied, still smiling.

“Okay, what’s the rush? The last I remembered is that the MA Kind is not scheduled to leave orbit until 2 years from now.” Bobby said.

Todd’s smirk blossomed into a knowing smile; “you have been in recovery for that long.”

“Actually, we start interviews with the M9 Kind tomorrow, I’ll see you in the lobby, I’m starving, and there is a lot to catch up on.”

Credit for artist’s rendering I found on the web. This drawing comes close to the essence of Ms. Bobby Cohen, I would like to offer the artist an opportunity to create a rendering of Bobby or of another one of my characters.

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