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Ramona Smith

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Ramona Smith

“Our dwellings back then didn’t have any doors; they didn’t have any windows either. The shape of the structure and the strategic placement of the hanging of animal skins determined the level of privacy in each residence. Which, made sense then, and now, from an Immortal perspective, because no Immortal is bothered by weather. When humans came into existence by our hand some ten million years ago, we decided to live among them in a concealed fashion, changing our skin like chameleons with just a thought, pretending that we even had to think about weather. But enough about the weather, you want to know about me.”

“My name now is Ramona Smith, and I am Ai Khan’s best friend, although Synthia might not agree with me, she would argue that she is in fact Ai’s best friend. Synthia and I have an affable and symbiotic relationship that together Ai finds most invaluable. So, let me tell you how my precious friendship with Ai came to be.”

“It was about 3 million years before the first human showed up on the scene that I met my mentor and best friend Ai Khan. We liked each other instantly. I was sick of living life with so much reverence to a legendary Albino Immortal that I had never seen. Back then, all we ever discussed, the Young, the Intermediate, and the Elders Immortals, was the 'pure life' and getting back what we lost the day the Albino abandoned us. It was clear that after waiting so long with no sightings or signs of the Albino, that the story of our sacred desired redemption which corresponded with the return of that pale and supremely gifted Immortal was just a fairytale.”

“It was also painfully evident life had no more plans for the Immortals in any part of the universe that mattered. Life had expanded without the power of immortality. Our mating only yielded the curse of lesser things. So when humans came to us through our coupling, we began to stop mating altogether, so distressed by their weakness. The humans however, began to multiply like roaches under our protection, for by our intervention they had no predators in the universal kingdom.”

“I was lost to social interaction of any kind, when Ai introduced me to one of the Elders with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. Now, he is the known as the World President. Back then we Immortals knew him by a different name, that name was Tazun, which means judgment.”

“Anyway, after thousands of years, Tazun and Ai took me to a place where Tazun had gazed upon an Immortal to the point of that Immortal's stillness. The body of a female Immortal was buried under the bones of thousands of remains. What I found so fascinating about this disturbing discovery and locale, was how quickly the immense pile of remains decomposed. Typically, it took several thousands of years for bones to turn into ash and earth, but those remnants heaped upon the lone stilled Immortal seemed to decompose completely within a few years.”

“When I inquired about the cause of the rapid decomposition, Tazun looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said, 

“’The lone female Immortal struggles to rise and live. But, she cannot do so buried beneath so much death. So, she absorbs the bodies to make the pile smaller in an attempt to rise, not knowing the more bones she absorbs the more still she becomes.’” 

“Ai then told me that she and Tazun had lost their taste for human flesh and they could kill no more.  No humans or any creatures of this puny world. They needed an Immortal to take up this sacred responsibility, someone to continue the killing of humans to keep still that buried Immortal, and soon others like her.”

“Upon my first taste of human death I was hooked, although I could not stomach the physical death. For me the sublime end is the mental one. To utterly destroy the mind of humans was and is my passion. I usually wait until they are asleep and I steal into their bedchambers, it is then that their minds are snatched by me. Sometimes they wake during my feeding and struggle to gain consciousness, sometimes they do, but I return the next night to finish the job. Most times they do not survive my initial attack. I leave them comatose on the bed, couch, chair, or floor, for Synthia who finishes the deed by taking the soul. But that is her story to tell.”

“Once this is done, we have the body buried where an Immortal is stilled. I believe you call these unconsecrated sites cemeteries. The larger the cemetery the more powerful the Immortal buried there.”

“I love what I do, and I am religious to my purpose.”

“You know I cannot allow you to tell my secret.”


Footnote from the author.

Image description of Ramona:

Ramona is seen here entering into a posh residence of an unsuspecting sleeping victim.   Ramona, will mentally tear you apart, and ultimately dismantle your sanity.  

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